EV Charge point hire

Connect UK have discovered that with more of its clients choosing EV and with the increased demand for the manufactures to produce there EV Chargers there can be a gap between car purchase and charge point delivery. 

We have made a unique one off "Connect in a box" EV tempory charge socket which we can install at your property to ensure that your first miles in the electric car run as smoothly as they should. 

"Connect in the box" What is it, and what does it come with?

>Type 2 socket with 5amp through to 32amp connectivity depending on our clients car rating and existing  property power demands 


>Type A RCD protection 


>Commando plugs and sockets for quick install and dissemble.


>MATT:e O.pen technology device which means no Earthing rods to install in the ground, this makes in easy for hard standing areas with no soil or grassed areas.   

Where else could the "Connect a box" be used:

Car shows where an electric car needs to charge whilst on view

Other tempory events, shows 

Work place locations.

Short term EV car hire where its not financially viable to install a permanent charger for a short hire period 

Got a construction contract where you may require a charge during the day to get hoe that night.

Please do get in contact with us here at Connect UK to find out about this exciting new product and get a very competitive quotation.